Yum! Yum! How I Love Puppy Cum!

Good evening to all!

My name is Charlotte. I would like to take this time to tell you all about the first time I was fucked by my wonderful Mastiff puppy - Rampage.

The whole wonderful event took place last Friday night. It was on this night that I found myself in a very unfamiliar situation –alone! As a wife and a mother of four wonderful kids, I very rarely have any nights all to myself. However, this night was the exception, all of my children had asked to spend the night with some of their friends and my husband was away for the week on a business trip. So, I decided to take advantage of a good situation and spend the night just relaxing.

After taking a nice long bath and toweling off, I decided that since no one was home, I would fore go my nightgown and spend the rest of the night just relaxing around my house completely nude. As I was making my way down stair to go watch TV in our living room, I received a text message from my husband. It simply stated, “Check your email!” Perplex, I turned on our computer, logged in to my email account and was pleasantly surprised as to what I found. My husband sent me a video of him getting sucked off by is business associate Jennifer. (Yes my husband and I are swingers) As I watched Jennifer suck on my husband’s cock and then complete swallow every ounce of his warm sticky cum, my completely exposed pussy became sopping wet!My husband knowing that I was alone tonight thought that he was torturing me by sending me this video. He thought that all I was going to be able to do was give my pussy or my ass a nice hard fuck with one of my dildos.

For just one single moment he was right!!

As I made my way back to my bedroom to get one of my dildos so I could fuck myself mercilessly, something caught my eye. It was Rampage, my Mastiff puppy! At that moment the thought hit me, why fuck myself with this limp dildo, when I could have a warm throbbing cock buried deep inside me – even if it was a puppy cock! At first I could not even believe I was thinking such a thought! However as I continued to watch Rampage with that huge beautiful cock swinging between his legs my mind was made up. I quickly ran to my room, so I would not have any second thoughts, and jumped on my bed. Then as I sat in the center of my bed, I called out for Rampage.

It took a minute, but he slowly made his way into my room. As he entered, I started to slap the bed and said “Come here sweetie.” Happily he replied. Rampage is still a small Mastiff; He stands about 20 inches off the ground and weighs 115 pounds. Once on the bed, I slowly started to pet Rampage, and as I did he relaxed and lay down on his side. It was at that moment, I fully saw Rampage’s beautiful cock and cum sacks. His cock must have been 14 inches long and at this time the only thing I saw was his cock’s sheath!

As I continued to pet him my pussy got wetter and wetter as I anticipated how his wonderful cock would feel buried deep inside my pussy! While still petting Rampage, I slowly made my way down his belly, stopping just inches from his cock. At this time, I continued to rub his belly with my right hand but now my left hand was gently rubbing his two huge cum sacks. Slightly startled, Rampage tried to move. However I slightly applied a little pressure to his belly, preventing him from moving, and he quickly lay back down. By now, I had quit rubbing his belly and started to slowly stroke his wonderful cock, all the while still rubbing his cum sacks.

OMG my pussy was so wet!!! The more I stroked his cock the wetter my pussy became! Finally his wonderful pink throbbing cock started to make its way out of its sheath. With my pussy lips quivering and sopping wet, I could no longer control myself. With Rampages cum sacks in one hand and me rubbing his belly with the other, I bent over and placed his exposed pink cock in my mouth! For a moment, I just let his wonderful cock pulsate in my mouth as I got use to this new experience! Once I was comfortable, I held nothing back.

As Rampage lay on this back, I changed my position. I moved on top of him between his back legs and placed both of my hands on top his belly. Still with his pulsating cock in my mouth, I started to suck his wonderful puppy cock with all I had! OMG, it was wonderful feeling his massive cock slide in and out of my mouth. The harder I sucked his dick, the harder he thrust it in and out of my mouth. I was completely in heaven! This sucking and thrusting action lasted for almost ten minutes, with every minute getting more intense than the last. Then it happened! As I was sucking Rampages massive cock, I felt his rear legs quiver. With one last huge thrust, Rampage’s cock exploded in my mouth!

I have never had so much cum in my mouth at one time before. I could not swallow it fast enough!! He blew so much cum into my mouth, with such force; it came exploding out of the corners of my lips. As I swallowed the remaining cum that I had in my mouth, I was surprised at how wonderful his warm puppy cum tasted! Not wanting to waste any of his wonderful cum, I started to lick what escaped from my mouth, off his fur. Being Bi-Sexual and loving to lick and suck pussy, his fur did not bother me at all!

By now my pussy was swollen, sopping wet and quivering uncontrollably. I got off of Rampage and lay down on my back. With my legs spread wide, I slowly guided Rampages head and mouth to my exposed gapping pussy! Without skipping a beat, Rampage savagely started to lick my warm wanting cunt! Within seconds I screamed uncontrollably as my pussy exploded as I came! Rampage never once stopped! He continued to mercilessly lick my now throbbing cunt! Wanting more, I arched my back, now exposing both my bare pussy and asshole to Rampage! Once again Rampage knew exactly what I wanted, and like the good obedient puppy he is he gave me just what I wanted. With long sweeping strokes, Rampage licked me from my asshole all the way to my swollen pussy clit. Stroke after stroke the pressure grew. Then after three to four minute of his wonderful tongue ravishing my ass and my cunt, I once again came all in his mouth. This time I also covered the bed with my cum. So once he finished cleaning me off, he started to lick my cum off the bed.

This gave me just enough time to get into my final position! While Rampage finished licking my cum off the bed, I flipped over and got on all fours, with my cunt and ass shoved right into Rampages face. By now his massive cock was hanging six to eight inches out of its sheath. Seeing my pulsating pussy, Rampage sniffed around it for awhile, for he was not really sure as to what to do with it now! While he continued to sniff around my pussy, I reached between my widely spread legs and started to rub my clit. Rampage watched me for a few moments, and then he turned away from me! Just as I was about to move because I thought he lost interest in me, Rampage mounted me with a force unlike I have ever felt before. In an instant, I had all of Rampage’s massive fourteen inch throbbing cock buried in my pussy!

The pain was unlike any I have felt before. Not even childbirth hurt this bad! It was at this moment I thought I had really fucked up by letting Rampage fuck me. I tried to move out from under him but he pinned me down. I was totally at his mercy! Thrust after thrust my cunt was stretched farther than it had ever been stretched before. I could feel his massive cock pressing hard against the inside of my torn bleeding cunt! As I looked between my legs, I seen a massive bulge appear right above my belly button, every time he thrust his cock inside of me! The pain was almost unbearable! I kept telling myself that this would soon be over; I only had to hold out until he blew his cum into my pussy. Then he would get off me. I was wrong!

After five long minutes of Rampage destroying my cunt, he blew another huge cum load deep inside me! I thought to myself, thank god this was over. However he did not stop. He kept on fucking my devastated pussy. Now he was fucking me harder than before! I knew that I could not escape, so I just relaxed and tried to enjoy it the best I could!

Another five minutes pasted and now my torn pussy was feeling better, and I WAS starting to enjoy having this massive cock thrust in and out of me! So I decided to start fucking Rampage back! Now every time he thrust is cock into me, I in return thrust my pussy onto his cock! Thrust after thrust I shoved my cunt onto his cock, screaming with delight. Thirty minutes passed as I continued to return thrust for thrust! THEN……………..Rampage exploded once again deep inside my pussy, filling my pussy cavity completely with his cum! Fifteen massive explosions of cum he deposited in me!


Then like the bitch I was to him, he left me alone! He cleaned my pussy juices off his cock and went into the living room to lie down. All the while my body was shaking from head to toe as I tried to recover from the massive fuck I just received!

The rest of the night all I could do was just lie in my bed. I took six full hours for me to recover, but I loved every minute of it! Since that Friday night, I have been fucked three other times by Rampage; with the most recent being tonight. However tonight I video tape me getting fucked by Rampage. I wonder how my husband will react when he reads his emails tomorrow!!!!!

I’ll let you all know soon…………

Love to all,


P.S. Don’t tell my husband, I love the taste of Rampage’s cum a whole lot more than his!!!

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