Angelica and her two dogs part 4

"HE'S CUMMING IN MY ASS..YESSSSSS!" after a few minutes of finally catching her breath with Thor's cock still in her ass she askes Amber if she was still there and Amber said she was and that she wants to take her dog up her ass after that. Angelica smiled and told her "I'm glad I did, and most assuredly will again."


Since thor had his cock in her ass, she's been letting him fuck her ass quite alot to the point you'd think she prefers anal over vaginal and to a certain degree she does.

Angelica was invited to Amber's to hang out and she got there she walked in on Amber getting fucked by her dog. The sight before her eyes made her wish it was her causing her to get wet as she stood there watching until Amber was untied. Amber then catching her breath looks at Angelica telling her "Sorry he can't seem to get enough and to be honest neither can I" as she smiled at her best friend and Angelica told her how she understood.

As they talked Angelica couldn't keep her eyes of Amber's dog cleaning himself which Amber noticed "You want him don't you" and with a husky voice Angelica proceeded to say "Y-yes but he's your lover not mine", Amber smiled then told her to take her clothes off. Angelica's never been with a woman nor does want to be neither has Amber so, Angelica asked why quickly and Amber said "I want to watch you with my lover, show me how to let him fuck my asshole." Angelica smiled from ear to ear knowing she hadn't had dog cock up her ass since last night and she was, she was needing one up her ass. Angelica then slid down onto the floor in front of the couch, turned around with her body pressed into the couch and Amber helped get his attention. With her ass exposed on her knees she suggested to Amber to always let him lick her asshole first "watch and learn."

Angelica felt biggie's (Amber's dog) tongue touch her pussy before she could spread her ass cheeks then moaned softly enjoying the attention her pussy is recieving she almost forgot that she wants to pay attention to her ass and reaches back to spread her extra cushiony ass for easier access while her breathing gets heavier. Biggie's tongue working her pussy slowly driving Angelica into oragasim as most his tongue is deep in her wet fuck hole then she felt him suddendly stop and then felt his tongue on her asshole. As if Biggie could tell she loves a good stiff cock shooting cum in her ass, he was relentless with his tongue in and on her asshole. Angelica's moaning louder as her breathing becomes more rapid she then looks at Amber watching on "Nothing like a good tongue fuck up the ass." Once again Biggie stops but then Angelica feels his chest rest on her back then the feeling of the cock trying to enter her small perfect asshole Amber askes if she should help guide it in and Angelica said "that's ok he......FUCK YES He's in Amber, he's in my ass! I feel so full, fucking love it!" Surpricingly no pain as he thrusts hard fast and deep in and out of her ass while she reaches undernieth to rub her pussy. Soon Angelica forgot all about Amber watching on as the cock in her ass was taking her to new heights of pleasure and Amber watching on couldn't help but to finger herself to oragasim. Angelica looks Amber in the eye saying "He's doing it amber, he's filling my ass with his cum OH GOD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Biggie's cock all the way in her ass with his cum locked in from being tied to Biggie she explains to Amber the feeling of his cock slowly softening in her ass with an ocassional soft moan and Amber says "Hope your ass didn't wore him out." and they both laughed.

Biggie pulled out of Angelica's ass along with his cum following him she tells Amber "I hate when their cum leaves" and Amber agreed. After a few minutes of letting Biggie rest Angelica helped Amber get him in her ass and it was like Amber fell in deeper love with her dog as he fucked her ass like there's no tomorrow. When it was over Angelica suggested Amber come over to try her lovers soon and Amber eagerly agreed.

Amber finally made it over to Angelica's, exzamied her best friend's lovers and couldn't wait to get fucked by them as they made her feel welcumed . Kryptonte fucked Amber's pussy while thor fucked Angelica's ass when amber looked over saying "you sure love it up the ass don't you" as they were both tied by each dog and of course Angelica said hell yeah to Amber and that she prefers Thor in her ass. Amber eventually tried thor in her ass later and loved it.

The end


Hope you all enjoyed every installment to this story, but this is the end to this one. I'll post more stuff in the future with this subject and until then I'll be looking for your stories.

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