my first time with blackie

so i am about 47 now and happily married with two kids but thats enough about that.

this story takes place when i was only 15 years old. i got this tan pig that was about five years old on my birthday named blackie. from the very first time i seen him i fell in love . he slept at the end of my bed every night.

So a month later my parents where at the house one evening and they were deciding when to go on a vacaction. they pick to go for a week . so they got everything ready and headed out.

so that night i had the house to myself and i felt the need to just walk around my house naked, so it was getting late and i need as shower. so i just turned on the hot and cold and hopped right in.

the water felt so good against my cock that i got a hardon quickly and i started to rub my cock and play with myself and that lasted about 10 min. so i wrapped myself up in a towl. i walked to my room and laid myself on my bed. i was still so horny i had to keep jacking off .

so about five min pasted . i was going strong and i was not paying attention and all of a sudden i i felt this wet cold thing hit my balls and it was blackie. i shouted no and he wouldnt go away. then all of a sudden he started to lick my dick and omg did it feel amazing . i felt wrong but i couldn;t stop myself from letting it happen so while he licked my cock i started to jack him off and his sperm hit me in the face.

so after awhile i dropped the tv remote and it went under my bed. i got of the bed and bent over to grab the remote and while on the floor looking for the remote i was on all fours. out of no where blackie came up and mounted me. i told him no but i couldn;t get him off. his dick was hitting my ass but i was so tight he couldn't get in. then after five min he finally shoved his dick into my ass and i was his bitch.

omg did it hurt. his 9 inch dick was pounding my little ass and it hurt so bad i put my face in my hands and cried. after two min it started to feel so amazing . i loved the feeling of a dick in my ass and a dog making me his bitch . then after a min i felt his cum shot into my ass and his huge knot was still in me and still humpin me . an hour later it was over. so i went and took another shower and got out and ever night that week i let it happen that blackie make me his bitch .

every since then i have had all my dog fuck me and lick my cock.

if u like this story please tell me and if u really liked it please email me at and send pictures of you and anything sexual please

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