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I've always loved horses. As a little girl, I asked for a pony for Christmas every year, but never got one. As I got older, my obsession changed. I realized that I still loved horses, but my attraction was sexual...

I am not a pretty woman. I know that. I am heavy and have a very plain face. I have had sex with two men in my life, but in both cases they wanted nothing to do with me besides sex and the sex didn't excite me. I masturbate a lot. I like to go on the computer, into chat rooms and talk about animal sex. I have memberships at a bunch of animal porn sites. I watch the videos, mostly of horses, and masturbate to them over and over. One day I got to the point where even masturbation was not enough for me. I decided to do something about it.

I live in a pretty rural area. Just outside of my town there are farms as far as the eye can see. I would often go out driving, just to watch the horses in the field, and I would wear a skirt just so I could slip my hand up and finger myself as I admired them. So, I decided to go out one night and live out my ultimate fantasy... sex with a horse.

I drove out late one night to the closest farm and parked up the road. I walked to the edge of the property and headed towards the barn after jumping the fence. The door was open, so I snuck in. There was a full moon and a dim light was flooding the barn. There were only a few animals inside... some chickens, a sheep, a cow... I was worried at first. I didn't see a horse, but then as my eyes adjusted, I saw one in the corner of the barn, in a stable. My heart began to pound immediately at the sight of him, and my pussy grew wet. I slowly walked up to the stable door and reached out my hand. He stepped over and nuzzled against it. I reached down with my other and slid up my skirt to my hot pussy and started to rub my clit. I opened the door to the stable and stepped in.

The horse stepped back. I walked alongside him and stroked his back, speaking to him softly. I reached down underneath him to his cock... it was already pointing out slightly and I caressed it, gently. He responded immediately, it starting to grow in my hand. I stopped for a moment, listening to hear if there were any sounds that might mean someone was approaching the barn, but it was almost silent. I resumed stroking his cock, kneeling down to admire its length and girth. It grew to full length and I bent over, touching my tongue to the tip, tasting it, feeling the eat from it on my face. I opened my mouth wide to take it in. It was HUGE. I could barely fit my mouth over it, but I struggled and finally got the tip in and sucked eagerly, stoking the length, working it and fingering myself with my other hand all the while.

The horse clomped in place in excitement as I sucked its cock. My pussy was so wet and ready... I stuck in two fingers, then three, then four, spreading and stretching myself out to get ready for this enormous cock. I finally felt as if I was ready. I crouched down under the horse, sticking my ass up in the air, guiding his cock into my cunt. Just the very tip fit in, but that was enough to send me to heaven. My pussy was so wet, I could feel the juices dripping down my legs. I had to bite my hand to keep from screaming in pleasure and pain as his cock went a little deeper. Feeling my heat and wetness, he pushed against me, trying for more penetration, but my cunt was filled to capacity. I bucked back against him, wishing I could take his cock all the way in. I gyrated with his cock inside me, working it around, and slightly in and out.

It only took a few moments, but I soon came... it was my first orgasm from someone (someTHING) besides myself masturbating. The two men I had sex with never got me off, nor did they care to, but this was an unbelievable sensation. My cunt throbbed with pleasure. A heat shot throughout my body like electricity and I went limp, falling from the horse's cock as my body convulsed in ecstasy. I lay there on the floor of the stable, in the hay, while my body was awash with pleasure. It took a few moments, but my strength returned and I went right back to his cock to finish him off.

I owed him after what he just gave me. I gripped his cock with both hands, working it up and down, cramming the head into my mouth and sucking. After just a minute or two, he began to clomp insistently. I felt his cock pulse in my mouth as the cum worked its way to the tip. Suddenly it came spewing out like a fountain, filling my mouth and spilling over. I pulled back, choking, and still jerking him off as his cum shot all over me, covering my blouse and face. The pleasure of getting the horse off was almost as great as the orgasm he gave me. With a few more jerks he was milked dry. I stood up next to him, soaked in his semen, and stroked his back, saying, "Thank you... thank you, boy." I gathered myself and snuck back out of the barn and to my car and drove home. This night's adventure was over, but here were many more nights to come, and there are a lot of farms for me to visit. I can't wait...

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