The horse Breeder

The horse barn,

My name is veronica, I’m about 17 years old and this is my story of a new exciting experience that I’ve never known about.

It was just this last summer, which I've been trying to get as much money as I could to go to college. And as far as I'm concerned there’s only a couple things I'm good at doing, and one of them is working with horses. God I love everything about them. There large size, there grace and beauty, and lately something new…

So I got a job out at a local barn. I was basically supposed to be the bitch of the barn and do whatever pretty much anybody told me to do. Every day I was cleaning up the horse shit in there stalls, and feeding them and getting them water and so on. But I was fine with it because I got to be around horses every day for about 12 hours. Now as for setting the location for the barn, it’s a great looking place. Nearly brand new, made out of stone and wood, about 30 acres of land and pastures, and outside of that no signs of civilization for as far as the eyes could see. There was only one road that went past the barn and the only time it’s used is if somebody wants to come out to the barn. The pastures are absolutely beautiful, rolling lush green hills with many trees and thick areas of woodland. But one of the best parts was the stream that came through the fields, it split off in a couple of different directions towards the end but there was one bridge that I loved greatly. All the rest of them were just simple wooden bridges, but this one was made out of brick and looked incredible in the pastures, and there were loads of horses, at least 100 of them. As far as I'm concerned it was horse heaven.

Now the owners of the barn were never around for they barely even cared about it. But there son who was probably 18 or 19 was around a lot. His name is Alex. A fairly good looking guy, about 6’1 muscular, Blonde curly hair, really he was actually very good looking. But he would only be around every once in a while. We got along but where never best buddies. As for me I'm an about 5’5 with long brown hair, slender curvy body, DD breasts, and a tight yet jiggley ass. And the only connection between me and Alex is that I want his one horse, Boxer, he’s an amazing work of art. Standing at about 18 hands filled to the brim with muscles a sharp black with a white stripe going down his head, he was truly one of the best throw bread horse’s id ever seen.

Now i was about 1 month or so into the job, and I had gotten used to the rhythm of work and the sound of everyone bitching at me about what to do and all that. But for the most part really no one ever came out to the barn but me. And I had gotten into a certain routine that if I had most of my work done on horses after lunch I would go out by the old bridge way out in the pastures where you couldn’t even see the barn anymore and I would just lay out on a blanket get a little bit of a tan or read a magazine and just relax, listening to the flowing water by me and sometimes going under the bridge or diving in the stream to escape the sometimes harsh summer heat. I absolutely loved doing this. And one day that was going on like any other day and the weather was perfect with a slight breeze. I had gotten all my chores and work done early so I could technically do whatever I want for the rest of the day. But I decided to go out to my special spot and just hang out there for a while. Now at the time it was breeding season for the horses which was kind of fun, getting to watch horses bang other horses. And it was pretty regular to see some every once in a while be doing it but I had never thought much of it.

So as I was laying there after about an hour I took off my shirt and was just laying out there in my sports bra and jeans, getting a nice tan. My smooth skin covered in oil and glimmering and shining in the sun, my big breasts looking like they were going to break out of the bra. And as I was laying there I heard a little commotion on the other side of the stream. So I sat up and I saw a very studly brown horse with a half boner going on down there, next to about a 3 year old tan looking mare. Both whinnying and making all sorts of sounds. I already knew what was going to happen but wasn’t quite ready for it. After about a minute of this the mare finally stood still and the stud got behind her, as he got up his big floppy dick still not completely hard dick flopped up and down, I just watched cause it made me laugh. Finally after a little while of thrusting without getting anything his dick got hard and huge, now at only about 10 feet away from me I could see all the details, his cock was big and veiny, balls were huge and bouncy, he was in quite tip top shape for breeding. He got his cock in the mare’s pussy and trusted in slow at first but then started to speed up. The mare spread her legs out more. Both making funny sounds. At first I was just kind of giggling and what not but soon after I really looked at them banging each other, my pussy got wet and I started getting very horny. I don’t know if it was just the sight of them doing it or the sight of the studs cock, or maybe it was some deep primitive sensation to want to be that mare, but either way I was horny as hell! I started to put my hand on my crotch, rubbing it barely even thinking about what I was doing. Pretty soon I was sliding my jeans off and setting them to the side, my hand on my pussy rubbing it with my panties in between my hand and the skin, it felt amazing, the horses were still going at it not stopping almost, it seemed longer than what a horse should be fucking.

Finally I slipped off my panties and bra and I was ass naked in the pasture, watching two horses fuck. Playing with my wet little clit I started getting the sensation for his cock. Then an amazing thing happened, he stopped and just stood still, I could see his cock throbbing and twitching deep in her pussy. The mare was moaning and whinnying. Pretty soon trickles of sperm traveled down out of her pussy and dripped down her leg. He started to pull out and all I could see is his cream covered cock, loads of cum following it. I wanted it so bad now. It was like the rest of the world wasn’t there I was so concentrated on his cock. At that moment I felt a nudge on my leg. I got scared and tried to cover myself up with the towel thinking it was a person. But when I looked it was just Alex’s horse Boxer. I took the towel away and looked at him. As he was staring down at me. “O hello boxer” I said as I rubbed his nose. I looked at him a little because he was acting funny. As I was leaning to the side to see him I saw that between his muscular legs his cock was starting to get long, “Oooo boxer I see your happy” at that instant he started using his long tongue to lick my pussy. With his soft nose on my pussy and tonunge starting to go inside I was just about to push him a way until I embraced how good it felt. No I had gotten fingered eaten out and fucked by guys before but it was something about this that was so much more amazing.

I kept one hand on his nose and another rubbing my big breasts. He was just standing there eating my pussy with his tongue starting to go in a little. Pretty soon I got this sensation and I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up and kneeled down in between his legs. He looked back at me, and I just stayed right there. I grabbed his already foot long half erect cock, and put it in my mouth. I sucked it and just loved the feeling of that huge thing. How big it was and how nice and soft too. Licking it and spitting on it sometimes. He started getting longer and harder. I started stroking him off. Loving the feeling of that huge thing in my hands, I would slap it against my face and lick it all over, I loved grabbing his huge balls and rubbing them. Finally his cock got to its full length, I just looked at it and admired how it was at least a foot and a half long, so big and vainy too.

I got up and walked towards a tie off for the horses only a couple steps away. A perfect brace for what was about to come. He walked over towards me and I was pretty much under him again. I grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it on my pussy to try and give him the hint that I was ready. Finally he mounted on top of the horse tie off with me under him, and he started thrusting. Of course his cock was only slapping my pussy so I gave him a little help and grabbed his cock and leaded it in to me. He went all the way in and I could barely breathe. That feeling of him almost splitting me apart. My pussy being stretched beyond belief. O god it was like no other. I started to scream and I think he got the hint to start moving. In and out in and out his huge dick moved inside of me having the feeling of those big balls slapping against me as he thrusted o so hard into me. I was getting fucked so hard and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else at that moment but him popping my cherry.

I was getting so hot and fucked so hard most of the time I was near passing out. I almost couldn’t take it any more until finally I felt his cock throbbing and twitching. I spread me legs out farther like the mare did. He just held his cock in there and I started to feel the warm sensation of all that cream now of course I have a smaller vagina then a horse so it didn’t take long for all that warm sticky goo to spurt out. Letting it flow down my ass and legs, I was having an orgy at the same time as he was really. And by how much of a squirter I am there was loads of liquids flowing out. My eyes were rolled back in my head and was having truly the best orgy I've ever had. I was close to passing out but yet I almost didn’t want it to end. After a little bit he finnaly pulled out and I almost fell to the ground like I was dead. But I re gained my footing and just looked and my pussy and all the cum that was still dripping out. I sat up on the tie off and fingered my self some more, now of course after how excited I was I could get an orgy very quickly again, at that instant my pussy contracted and pushed out any cum still left in there. After that I looked at boxer just standing there proud and obviously still having a boner. So I thought I would help him. I got under him and this time instead of him fucking me I licked up all the warm sticky cum still left on his dick. I was stroking it with both hands. Gripping tight and then stuffing it in my face and sucking it. I felt his cock throbbing again so I started stroking with my mouth still over his cock. It started pushing out all that delicious goo. It filled up my mouth fast so I let it go over my face, then let it drip down my body. I was the hugest cum load I had ever seen. After it was done I gargled the cum I'm in my mouth and swallowed most of it , but left some so I could spread it over my body like lotion. But after my orgy with boxer I went into the stream and bathed in theyre for a little while and boxer came in to and I cleaned his entire muscualar body off, but through it all and this entire fantastic day there was one problem. Boxer is a 2 year old stud and Alex knows for a fact that Boxer had never had an orgy before. So now I had to find a way to perswade alex so he doesn’t get me in trouble and get fired. And also I didn’t know how to explain that I gave him the orgy. But that’s for next time…

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