Angelica and her two dogs part 3

Angelica was at the point of no return as Thor behind her licking her pussy like it's his favorite past time and with Kryptonite's cock in her mouth while she's on her knees then suddenly she didn't feel Thor's tongue anymore but instead felt him mounting her and she removed Kryptonite's cock from her mouth long enough to encourage Thor "Yes baby, fuck me" and try as he may he couldn't find his mark. Angelica reached behind, guided him in her pussy and pulled away letting Thor do the rest. There she was completely nude on her hands and knees taking Thor from behind in her pussy and Kryptonite now feeling left out circles them waiting for his turn. Angelica's eyes closed as her breathing becomes more rapid feeling all eight inches of dog cock ramming her pussy like a professional she can't help but to moan. Thor rests his head on her shoulder as he pounds away in the warm wet pussy of his owner as Angelica strokes the side of his face gently telling him what a good boy he is. Angelica can hear Thor panting hard as she also hears the wetness of her pussy making squishy sounds on his cock "fuck yes Thor, show my pussy who it belongs to now!" She hears Kryptonite whimpering wanting some of her pussy as well and she looks at him as she smiles in the daze she's in "don't worry baby you're next." Angelica then let out a loud shriek as she felt Thor's knot slide in her pussy with force with a couple more thrusts then when she felt Thor cumming inside her she arched her back, head up as she let out a long dragged out moan and came herself just as hard as Thor was cumming in her. "yessssssssssssss thor, I'm your bitch whenever you want me from here on!"

After what seemed like an eternity they eventualy untied with a popping noice and some of Thor's cum oozing out of her pussy as she started feeling empty again but not for long as she looked at Kryptonite and patted her ass to welcome him in her pussy. Kryptonite came around behind her but didn't mount her right away as he was cleaning her up Angelica spreaded her ass cheeks to give his tongue easier access and once in awhile would feel his tongue on her asshole which got her going again as she felt her orgasim building. Kryptonite mounts her in one swift move, his cock probing at her pussy and asshole both well lubed she started to wonder if she could take his seven inch dog cock up her ass but Kryptonite slid deep in her pussy pounding away. As Angelica tried crawling with Kryptonite in her pussy she could feel his cock shifting touching her inner pussy walls every which way and again with an exsplosion she came hard. Kryptonite didn't ride angelica as fast as Thor did but she still enjoyed him all the same "g...good b...boy K..Kryptonite, fuck mommy's pussy slow and easy, fuck, you're driving me crazy!" she told him as she was meeting his every thrust in her pussy. Kryptonite's knot started to sweel as he tried to get it in with each hard thrust he was giving her now and she wanted to take it begging him for it then in one swift move they were tied. In/out, harder/faster and deep as he possibly could be she could tell he was getting ready to fill her pussy with his love juice "oh is my baby going to cum in my pussy, give it to me baby, pleeeeease!" and as if he understood he stopped moving, resting his head on her shoulder, she stroked his face as she felt Kryptonite'sa cum gush into the depths of her pussy. He seemed to cum more in spurts setting fire to her desire. After a few minutes his knot finally went down, they untied and Angelica half sitting on her knees looked at her new lovers with a smile saying "you boys really know how to show your lover a good time."

Angelica called her best friend on the phone telling her the whole experience feeling herself craving dog cock again and this time she turned around in the chair,, upper body resting against the back with her ass out and Thor stuck his snout between her ass cheeks letting his tongue explore her pussy while she was still talking to Amber on the phone. She felt him nodging her not sure what it meant she asked Amber and Amber told her to take one hand, spread your cheeks for him and when she did, she felt that familuar sensation of her asshole being licked. With a shockwave going through her body, she was determinded to have her dog's in her ass before the night was over. She thought to herself "maybe Thor will be the first in my ass since he's paying alot attention to it" and the more relaxed Thor got her asshole with his tongue, the more determinded she was to have him there. She was sharing every detail with Amber as it happened and even asked Amber if she took her dog in her ass yet which Amber said not yet. Angelica told Amber "well if he keeps this up, I'm about to get my ass fucked by my own dog!" and the thought of that made her more excited since she always loved anal sex but now with her dog, what an ultimate taboo she thought to herself. Amber kept saying don't hang up, I wanna hear everything as it happens and Angelica agreed.

Angelica turned on the speaker phone as did Amber and Thor started to mount Angelica. As if Thor was on a mission his cock went right to the opening of Angelica's ass and due to his long ass licking he slid in her asshole with ease and she almost shouted in great delight to Amber "Oh God...Amber he's going to....HE'S IN MY ASS AMBER!" couple of thrusts in her ass and Angelica's off into another world "that's it Thor, fuck your lover's ass good and hard!" which he was and on the other end of the phone Amber's listening as she fingers herself hearing her best friend pant from breathing so hard and her best friend moaning from the pleasure of dog cock in her ass. Now sprwaled out on the chair recieving what she feels is the best ass fucking she's ever had she was talking dirty to her new lover "I bet you've wanted me a long time Thor well, now I'm yours whenever you want to fuck me, made me your bitch for sure!" Amber never hearing Angelica talk like that was blown away and yet it made her finger herself even faster. Then Angelica felt the first spurt of cum in her ass causing her to moan loud and long into the phone as Amber asked what's happening and Angelica says "

"HE'S CUMMING IN MY ASS..YESSSSSS!" after a few minutes of finally catching her breath with Thor's cock still in her ass she askes Amber if she was still there and Amber said she was and that she wants to take her dog up her ass after that. Angelica smiled and told her "I'm glad I did, and most assuredly will again."

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