New Dog on the Block

My name is Dave Newman, and I am 16 years old. A few weeks ago a new girl moved onto my block, she was in the same grade as me and in all the same classes. She was pretty hot, nice body, big tits, round ass. All in all, she was pretty good, except for one thing, she was muscular as hell. She could bench almost double what I did. The wierd thing was, she was still hot, not to muscular, it was all very wierd.

After she had been in her house a few weeks, I noticed I could see right into her bedroom, so every night around 9 i would watch her undress. Her glimmering body, right out of the shower. As she took the towel off her head, some of the still wet hair would fall, just covering her perky nipples. As she turned to set her towel doen, I could see the perfect curves of her body, especially her ass. As I wanked, I could imagine her, sucking my dick, me moaning, squeezing her tits. Ohh how I wished.

The next day I saw her at school, her top a had hiked up just about an inch, just perfectly for me to see the strap of her red lace thong. I wanted to go up reach down her pants, and start fingering her. If only I could get a pair of those I thought. Then I remembered, right next to her bedroom window was the drain pipe. She walked home every day, and I had my bike. All I had to do was ride my ass off going home, climb up the drain pipe, get a pair of panties and get out. It was so simple.

As we got out of class I sprinted to my bike and began riding home. I tore through streets, yelled at pedestrians in my way and arived home in 5 mins. I threw my stuff into my huose and ran over to her house. I scaled the drainpipe and surpriseingly enough, pushed the window open... no lock. I walked quietly through her room to her hamper. As i dug through I found bras, crop tops, and jeans and ohh, each smelled as great as the next. Finally I found a pink, transparent thong. I smelled the crotch and almost blew a load. I got on the drain pipe and closed the window and jumped to her lawn. In my caution, I ran to the side of the house just in case. Temptation pulled at my leg as I felt I needed to sniff the thong again. The smell ran through my nose and paralyzed my brain. I couldnt wait, I whipped it out and began to wank. Suddenly I heard a bike pull into the backyard, I looked around the corner and, bam it was her, when did she get a bike As i froze in fright I leaned back. I could not move, minding you I still have a fully erect penis. She opened the beck door and let a huge great dane out. She began saying certain tricks that for the dog to preform. Then she pulled out her phone and began recording it. I still frozen in fear became distracted. Jump she said and the dog jumped then fell on its back she laughed and so did I. Apparently the dog heard me and ran over. I couldnt run anywhere because the side of the house I was on, was surrounded by bushes.

The dog came up and began sniffing my balls and small dick. He gave it a lick and didnt stop once starting. What did you fing over there she said. What the fuck are you doing with my underwear you mother fucker I backed up and the dog began to growl. I stood completly still. She looked into her hand and suddenly we both realized. She had me on camera. Actually this could be fun she said. Im sorry please just let me go, I said. I dont think so, now put those on. No please. Shut up or Ill show this video to everyone you know. I put them on, as my erect penis stood , it seemed to strech the thong.Get on all fours. I did as I was told. The dog suddenly jumped up on me and began to hump. I felt his huge cock trying to penetrate my tight ass. Bam he got in, ouch it hurt so much i wanted to cry. Suddenly she came arond from behind me, dropped her pants, got on all fours and siad lick it. I began to lick her asshole, I could tell she loved it. I did little tricks with my tounge and made the best of things.

Then I felt the dogs cock begin to stiffen up, the I felt its hot juices begin to fill me, as i moaned in pleasure, as did she, I blew a load into the thong, and she moand, blowing a load onto my hands. she told me to lick the clean. I did as sha said then, all she said was see you tomarrow, same time same place, and held up the phone, damit I thought.. to be continued

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